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Arts - General & Multi-discipline Resources

American Masters VIDEO - Companion website for the TV series, examining the lives, works, and creative processes of outstanding American cultural artists. Covers film & TV, literature, music, visual arts, performing arts, and more. For middle school and high school students. Includes video clips & previews, timelines, and articles about dozens of actors, musicians, writers and artists. (PBS / WNET; site includes advertisements)

Artopia VIDEO INTERACTIVE - A fun interactive site for exploring the styles, principles and processes of visual and performing arts, including Dance, Media Arts, Music, Painting, Sculpture, and Theater. For middle school students. (South Carolina Educational Television Commission)

ArtsEdge AUDIO VIDEO INTERACTIVE - Articles, journals, interviews, multimedia presentations, and other materials for exploring and learning about the arts; designed for students and teachers, K-12, as well as families. For multicultural arts resources, covering Africa, Asia, Latin America, Russia, Ancient Empires, and more, see ArtsEdge: Global Cultures VIDEO (Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts).

Asian Culture podcasts AUDIO - A collection of podcast series from the Freer/Sackler, the Smithsonian's museums of Asian art. Includes lectures on Asian art, concert recordings, Silk Road stories, and discussions of Asian culture. (Smithsonian)

Culture Street VIDEO INTERACTIVE - This site aims at encouraging creativity in the classroom and beyond, with interactive resources to inspire young people to get started and share their work. The Have a Go section features games, guides, quizzes, workshop videos, and more. (Funded by Arts Council England)

Eastern Art Online - Discover art from the Islamic Middle East, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and the Himalayas, including ceramics, textiles, sculpture, metalwork, paintings, prints, and other decorative arts, spanning over 5,000 years of cultural and artistic development. 'Eastern Art Online is designed to provide layers of information about the objects and the stories they tell,' with high quality images and up-to-date information for each object (Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford). Museums of India presents the digitized collections of 10 selected museums, featuring online displays of paintings, manuscripts, sculptures, ethnographic collections, costumes & textiles, coins, jewellery, photographs and prints; includes an interactive timeline, 3-D objects, and more (Ministry of Culture, Government of India). The Virtual Museum of Japanese Arts explores the fine arts, performing arts, and other aspects of Japanese culture such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony, calligraphy, bonsai, and martial arts (Produced for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Kodansha International Ltd.). Pakistan: Arts & Culture AUDIO VIDEO explores the music, theatre, dance, and visual arts of Pakistan (Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts).

Harlem Renaissance: Drop Me Off in Harlem AUDIO VIDEO - Explores the creative and intellectual voices of artists, musicians, actors, writers, and activists who flourished during the cultural flowering of Harlem between 1917 and 1935. Includes primary sources to read, listen to, and watch. Includes suggested study questions and activities (2003, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts).

Math/Science and the Arts - See Math and Cultural Designs, Science of Color, and Science of Music, below.

Tinkering Studio UPDATED LINK! - Features a collection of inventive experiments & activities for exploring 'art, science, technology, and delightful ideas' (Exploratorium Museum).


African Vernacular Architecture NEW! - Images showcasing local architectural styles from Algeria to Zimbabwe (by architect Jon Sojkowski).

American Architecture; SAH Archipedia® - 'A carefully selected subset from an authoritative online encyclopedia of the built world, containing histories, photographs, and maps for more than 3600 structures in 1541 cities and all 50 states.' You can browse by state, material, style, century, architect, or type of building (Society of Architectural Historians).

Cities & Buildings - A large database of excellent photographs of buildings from around the world, searchable by keyword and/or country. There are multiple views of each building, interiors and exteriors. When your search results appear, click on a thumbnail for a larger picture along with basic facts about the building including site, architect, date of contruction, etc. (Professor Meredith L. Clausen, University of Washington)

Art (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, etc.)

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Arts - General

African Art - A printable guide offering six different activities to help you learn about African art. Part of the National Museum of African Art website, which offers additional education resources (Smithsonian). See also Art & Life in Africa (University of Iowa Museum of Art).

American Art - A collection of paintings by American artists, with links to other works by the artist, and some with brief biographies. Artists are listed A - Z; use the menu to browse by category or state (Smithsonian). See also Ask Art, below.

Art Detective INTERACTIVE - Set up like an old mystery movie, this fun interactive site allows you to step into Art Detective A. Pintura's shoes and try to solve the Case of Grandpa's Painting. (1997, Eduweb; site includes advertisements)

Art Explainer VIDEO - Three short videos that explore 'The Power to Look,' 'Surface and Depth,' and 'Light and Shadow.' (Art Institute of Chicago)

Art History Timeline INTERACTIVE - From 20,000 B.C. to the present, with special topics and links to additional information. Covers all regions of the world (Metropolitan Museum). For more images plus curators notes on individual artworks from all eras and all regions, see also Los Angeles County Museum of Art. [NOTE: Click on CHRONOLOGY or CURATORIAL AREA in the lefthand menu.]

Art Institute of Chicago: Art Access INTERACTIVE - A collection of themed websites for students, teachers, and families on topics such as African art, African-American art, Asian art, Native American art, Renaissance art, Modern art, and more. Each site includes artworks, lesson plans, family activities, recommended books & media (including related websites), map and glossary (Art Institute of Chicago). Met Media for Kids VIDEO INTERACTIVE features a 5000-year time machine, blog, interactive museum map and videos, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For kids aged 7 - 12. Tate Kids VIDEO offers games, videos, activities and more; for kids aged 4 - 12 (Tate Galleries, a UK a public institution). NGA Kids INTERACTIVE offers an entertaining and informative introduction to art and art history, featuring a variety of online art-making tools that encourage exploration and creativity; suitable for all ages (National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.). NCMALearn VIDEO offers lesson plans and videos exploring works of art that are relevant across subjects and grade levels; many lessons integrate STEM topics (North Carolina Museum of Art). Getty Museum Student Resources VIDEO INTERACTIVE offers online games, interactive web pages, activities, and videos designed to 'enhance your understanding of artists, art history, materials, and techniques.' See also Getty Art: To Do at Home INTERACTIVE (Getty Museum). Denver Art Museum Teacher Resources VIDEO includes art explorations, activities, lesson plans, videos, and more; for pre-K through grade 12.

Art Junction: Art Sparkers - Resources and suggestions for art projects and creative exploration. Elementary and middle school. (An outreach project of the Art Education Program, University of Florida)

Art through Time VIDEO - 'Take a trip across the world and back through the ages to experience the art of many cultures and historical periods.' This online course includes 13 half-hour video programs, a website with art images, accompanying text, and course guide. High school and up. Free registration may be required to view videos. (2009, Annenberg Media, THIRTEEN, & WNET.ORG)

Asian Traditional Crafts: Asia InCH - Select a country from the 'Explore Countries' dropdown menu to view information about the cultural heritage of crafts, textiles, folk & tribal arts of South Asia; high school and up (Craft Revival Trust, non-profit organization; site includes advertisements).

Ask Art [NOTE: Access to full biographies and other features may be restricted to paid subscribers.] - Includes a glossary of art terms, plus informative essays on Notable Black American Artists, Notable American Women Artists, Art Styles, and many other popular topics; use the tabs and right-hand menu to navigate (By Roger Dunbier, Lonnie Dunbier, et al.; site includes advertisements). See also American Art, above.

Color Tutorial - Explains basic principles of using color in art and design. Covers the color wheel, color combinations, color & contrast, proportion & intensity, shades & tints, and more. High school and up (By Janet Lynn Ford, a web designer; site includes advertisements). The Science of Color gives an overview of optics, physics, chemistry, perception, and the study of color in nature. Additional sections cover making color, matching color, and using color (Smithsonian).

Comiclopedia - An illustrated compendium of over 7,000 comic artists from around the world (by a Dutch comics shop; site includes advertisements); see also Global Webcomics Archive, a selected archive of webcomics and creator websites from all over the world. On the Make Belief Comics INTERACTIVE website you can have fun creating your own comic strips; for all ages (by journalist Bill Zimmerman and illustrator Tom Bloom; site includes advertisements); see also Making Mini-Comics (Comics Reporter; site includes advertisements) and Manga University (site includes advertisements). Cartoon America is an online historical exhibit of American political illustrations, gag cartoons, comic strips, illustrations, animation, and caricature (Library of Congress).

Craft Revival - See Asian Traditional Crafts: Asia InCH, above.

Glossary of Art Terms - Definitions, most with illustrations, of over 400 terms including artist groups and art movements, techniques, media and other art jargon. (Tate Galleries, a UK a public institution).

Inside Art INTERACTIVE - 'What if you were trapped inside a painting and had to solve a mystery to get out? This site allows you to explore a painting from the inside out.' Fourth grade and up. (1997, Eduweb; site includes advertisements)

Introduction to the Visual Arts - This online study guide provides a useful outline for the basic history and principles of the visual arts (architecture, painting, and sculpture), with links to relevant illustrations and definitions of terms. Twenty chapters, one covering each topic; expect broken links. High school and up. (2008, Ralph Larmann, Associate Professor of Art, University of Evansville; site includes advertisements)

Latino Voices in American Art VIDEO - 'Goes behind the scenes and uses photographs, videos, and other resources to reveal the artists and their works. Explore each section to learn how they express universal cultural experiences.' See also Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art. (Smithsonian)

Leonardo Da Vinci: Mind of Leonardo - Explores Leonardo da Vinci's mode of thinking and his efforts to understand 'the laws that govern all of the wondrous operations of man and nature.' High school and up (Institute and Museum of the History of Science, Florence, Italy). See also Leonardo da Vinci, the Genius (Museum of Science, Boston), Universal Leonardo (University of the Arts, London, UK), and Renaissance, below.

Modern Art: The Art Story (Modern Art Insight) - Explores modern and contemporary art movements & artists with biographies, key ideas, important works, influences & connections, and more. Also includes timelines and a blog; high school and up (The Art Story Foundation; non-profit organization). MOMA Learning VIDEO offers 'tools and strategies for engaging with modern and contemporary art,' including slideshows, worksheets, follow-up questions, hands-on activities, and other resources for use in the classroom or for independent study (Museum of Modern Art). Modern Art Terms Glossary defines modern art terms, including art movements, styles, materials, and techniques. Most definitions provide links to related artists and images, and a drop down menu to retrieve more detailed information on the topic (Museum of Modern Art). See also Glossary of Art Terms, above.

Printmaking History - A brief overview of printmaking through the centuries. Also includes a Glossary which defines printmaking techniques from Aquatints to Woodcuts. (International Fine Print Dealers Association)

Renaissance: Italian Renaissance Learning Resources - Explores eight different themes in Italian Renaissance art, with essays, images, glossary, and primary source texts; high school and up (National Gallery of Art and Grove Art Online). Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance VIDEO explores the artistic community that gave rise to the Italian Renaissance; use the left-hand menu to navigate. High school and up (Getty Museum). See also Leonardo Da Vinci, above.

Smart History: Art History for Beginners - An introduction to art history, explaining why we look at art, a brief history of Western culture, cultural heritage, what makes art valuable, the difference between art and craft, and more. Includes an art history review for students taking the AP in Art History, with a large collection of lessons & instructional videos exploring art and artists VIDEO 'from around the world and across time,' arranged by time period. (Edited by Dr. Beth Harris, Dr. Steven Zucker, et al. Khan Academy; non-profit organization)

Surrounded by Beauty: Arts of Native America - There is no equivalent in the many Native American languages for the word art, yet Native Americans create everyday objects of extraordinary beauty. This website presents zoomable images of Native American objects with explanatory text. (Minneapolis Institute of Arts)

Web Gallery of Art - 'A virtual museum and searchable database of Western (European) fine arts of the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, and Impressionism periods (1000-1900).' (By Emil Kren and Daniel Marx, art enthusiasts). Artcyclopedia [CAUTION: This site includes links to Wikipedia articles.] provides links to online pictures of famous art works, but expect some broken links. Searchable by artist's name, title, or other keyword (by John Malyon, art enthusiast; site includes advertisements).

WebMuseum [CAUTION: This site includes links to Wikipedia articles.] - Browse the alphabetical artist name index for pictures of works, or browse by time period / place/style. (By web designer Nicolas Pioch et al.; sponsored by iBiblio et al.)

Women in the Arts - The National Museum of Women in the Arts is dedicated exclusively to recognizing the contributions of women artists. You can browse the collection by century or browse artist profiles. The museum's CLARA: Database of Women Artists [Archived page] offers brief information on thousands of historic and contemporary women artists from around the world. High school and up. [NOTE: The CLARA database is still available but is no longer being updated. Artist profiles are now featured on the NMWA website.]


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Arts - General

African Dance - See African Music & Dance, below.

Arts Alive: Dance [NOTE: Archived page; some media features may not work.] - 'Information designed to build your understanding of and appreciation for dance.' Dance 101 explores why people dance and introduces a variety of dance forms and styles. Making Dance provides information on the process of creating dance, the elements of choreography, and professions in dance. (ca. 2006, National Arts Centre of Canada)

Ballet 101 - A brief introduction to the history of ballet, tips for enjoying the ballet, common ballet terms, and more (The Washington Ballet). Ballet Dictionary defines classical ballet terms & movements (American Ballet Theatre Company). Ballet Repertory is an extensive index of ballets, with plot summaries, music, performance histories and other background information on ballets and choreographers. You can view the list by ballet title, choreographer, or composer. (American Ballet Theatre Company)

CriticalDance Forum - Online magazine with feature articles, interviews, & reviews, and discussion forum, plus links to companies, schools, organizations and more. (Non-profit organization)

Dance Magazine VIDEO - This companion site for Dance Magazine offers articles, interviews, advice, blogs, videos, and more. Also includes Dance Magazine College Guide, a searchable directory of college and university dance degree programs. (Site includes advertisements)

World Dance: Dance Styles - A searchable Online Encyclopedia of World Dance, offering background and features of diverse dance styles and performers from around the world. (Non-profit organization: World Arts West)

Film & TV

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Arts - General

Blooms Literary Reference OnlineBlooms Literary Reference Online VIDEO - Offers many literary-related videos including filmed dramas, musicals, poetry, documentaries, classic feature films, and lectures or interviews.

American Picture Palaces - Explores the significance of grand 'movie palaces' in the U.S. during the 1910s through the 1940s, as part of 'the rise of a pervasive culture of consumerism which dramatically altered the way Americans worked, played, and thought about their relationships to other citizens.' Text and images. For high school and up.

Film Technique Study Guides - These guides covering the techniques of screenwriting, cinematography, film editing, art direction, and animation, were written for teachers but will be of use to film students as well (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). See also Filmmaking and Editing VIDEO (British Film Institute).

Historically Significant Films VIDEO - A large collection of trailers (video clips) from important films, from 1919 through 2004 (University of Houston Digital History).

Movie Review Query Engine - Reviews of tens of thousands of movie titles from hundreds of sources including newspapers, magazines, TV, and Internet sites, US and international (site includes advertisements).

Wide Screen Museum - A nostalgic site describing the history and technological development of wide-screen and color cinematography. Includes a history of talkies, plus printable full-color reproduction of several classic movie posters. (By Martin B. Hart)

Music, Musicians, & Composers

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Arts - General
Musical Instruments

African Music & Dance - Dozens of links; high school and up (Columbia University). To listen to African music, go to Radio Africa AUDIO; click on the recording title to learn more about the music you're listening to (Smithsonian). See also Interactive History of African American Music [NOTE: Archived page] (2009, Carnegie Hall).

American Routes AUDIO - A weekly two-hour public radio program produced in New Orleans, presenting a broad range of American music and exploring their shared musical and cultural threads. Includes audio interviews with hundreds of jazz, blues, pop, gospel, and folk musicians like Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and Ray Charles, as well as many lesser-known artists (University of New Orleans & PRI; site includes advertisements).

Arts Alive: Music INTERACTIVE [NOTE: Archived page; some media features may not work.] - Learn about orchestral music, including great composers (Beethoven, Gershwin, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Ravel, Schubert, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky & Vivaldi), musicians and more. The site also offers games & activities. (2008, National Arts Centre of Canada)

Asian Music - See Asian Culture podcasts, above.

Blues Journey AUDIO - Explores the history and style of blues music (Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts). See also The Blues [NOTE: Archived page; some media features may not work.] (PBS; site includes advertisements).

Carnegie Hall Music Educators Toolbox UPDATED LINK! AUDIO VIDEO INTERACTIVE [NOTE: Free registration required to access some resources.] - Grade-specific music education resources addressing fundamentals of rhythm, meter, singing, form, dynamics, articulation, tempo, pitch, and performing. A related page, Musical Explorers Digital UPDATED LINK!, includes lesson plans, audio, video, and concert webcasts. See also Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra.

Choral Timeline [NOTE: Archived page; some media features may not work.] - Explores the contributions of important choral composers 'from some of the earliest sacred music to the choral repertoire of the present day.' (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Classic Motown [NOTE: Spotify registration may be required to play full audio tracks.] - A brief history of Motown records, plus Artist Biographies. (Motown Records; site includes advertisements)

Classical Music: Naxos Classical Music Education - An introduction to classical music, A-Z glossary of terms, overview of musical instruments, short to medium-long biographies of composers (A-Z, or by period or country; index pages may be slow to load). Also offers a guide to How To Enjoy A Live Concert, and links to other music-related sites. Most audio samples are only available to subscribers (Naxos.com). Classical Music Eras VIDEO gives overviews of each musical era from the Renaissance to the Contemporary, with links to additional information and videos (Classic FM, a British commercial radio station; site includes advertisements). From the Top AUDIO VIDEO is a radio / TV show featuring young classically-trained musicians. The show provides information, entertainment, interaction and education for pre-college aged musicians, and encourages and celebrates the commitment of young people to music and the arts. You can listen / watch online (WGBH Radio / New England Conservatory of Music). On the Keeping Score AUDIO VIDEO INTERACTIVE website you can explore the music and life of eight major composers: Mahler, Berlioz, Ives, Shostakovich, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Copland, and Tchaikovsky. Also includes an interactive historical timeline and lesson plans; high school and up (San Francisco Symphony).

Contemporary Composers AUDIO - Short biographies & lists of works for twentieth-century composers like Ellington, Ives, Barber, Glass, and others. Most bios include photographs, and some include links, audio clips, and other information (G. Schirmer Music Publishers).

Country Music Hall of Fame- Short biographies of prominent country music artists from Jimmie Rodgers to Garth Brooks. (Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum)

Jazz Class at Smithsonian AUDIO INTERACTIVE - Tunes and stories about jazz musicians. 'Visit ''Jazz Classes'' to hear the elegant Duke Ellington, the scat singer extraordinaire Ella Fitzgerald, Louis ''Satchmo'' Armstrong, and swingin' Benny Carter.' Click on ''What is Jazz'' to learn more about jazz. For ages 8-15. See also History of Jazz AUDIO (Scholastic Inc.), Jazz for Young People VIDEO (Jazz at Lincoln Center), and Jazz in America AUDIO VIDEO (Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz).

Music Dictionary AUDIO - An A to Z dictionary of musical terms, with audio of the correct pronunciation for each term (Connect For Education Inc.; originally created by Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University; site includes advertisements). The Music Pronunciation Dictionary explains how to pronounce names of composers like 'Antonín Dvořák', and musical terms such as 'Baccanale' and 'Vivace'. PDF format; no audio (Iowa Public Radio).

Music Theory & History Online AUDIO - An extensive A to Z encyclopedia covering a wide range of topics in the history and theory of music; suitable for more advanced music students (By Dr. Brian Blood, Dolmetsch Musical Instruments company). Music Theory Web AUDIO offers online tutorials which explain the basics of reading music, intervals, scales, chords, harmony, and musical forms, plus exercises, articles, questions, and reference (By José Rodríguez Alvira, a professor at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico; site includes advertisement).

NPR Music AUDIO VIDEO - News, reviews, interviews, audio, video, and more. Covers rock, pop, folk, jazz, classical, hip-hop, latin, R&B/soul, world and electronic/dance music. (Site includes advertisements)

Opera: Naxos A-Z of Opera - An overview of opera history, plus brief plot summaries & related info for hundreds of operas, listed A-Z by title or by composer.

The Orchestra: A User's Manual AUDIO VIDEO - 'The aim of the user's manual is to provide information about the orchestra, orchestration, composition and instruments, for the benefit of anybody with an interest in the subject. Unlike conventional text-based orchestration manuals, this features movies of players explaining relevant aspects of their instruments and technique, audio clips and samples of the instruments, and illustrative music.' High school and up (by Andrew Hugill, a Professor of Creative Computing at Bath Spa University, UK). For younger kids, check out the New York Philharmonic Kidzone INTERACTIVE, offering games, descriptions of instruments, brief composer, conductor, & musician bios, 'make your own instrument' & 'make your own music' interactives, and more; for elementary school students (New York Philharmonic Orchestra).

Ragtime AUDIO - An essay on the history of ragtime music, with links to related resources; high school and up. (Library of Congress)

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame VIDEO - Biographies of hundreds of rock, pop, blues, soul, R & B, jazz, and folk musicians from AC/DC to Frank Zappa, from Jelly Roll Morton to The Clash, plus related stories. See also Rock and Roll: An American Story VIDEO (Steven Van Zandt's Rock and Roll Forever Foundation), and Songwriters Hall of Fame, below.

Science of Music VIDEO INTERACTIVE - 'Maybe you've never really considered yourself very musical. Maybe you quit the flute three months after you picked it up. That's okay. Music is in all of us, and even just by popping a CD into the stereo, you're tapping into its power. These exhibits will let you mess around with music in ways you probably haven't before.' Also provides answers to questions about music such as 'Why do some songs get stuck in my head?' and 'Why does sad music sound sad?' For high school and up. See also Listen: Making Sense of Sound AUDIO VIDEO INTERACTIVE (Exploratorium Museum). Mathematics and Music AUDIO VIDEO [CAUTION: This site includes one or more links to Wikipedia articles] uses videos, podcasts, and articles to show what mathematics & music have in common, and how mathematics is used to create the music you enjoy (2017, American Mathematical Society). Math, Science, Music VIDEO offers videos and other learning resources connecting math, science and music; kindergarten through college (2016, Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz). See also Music and the Brain VIDEO (Library of Congress; hosted on YouTube) and The Science Behind Singing VIDEO (Rutgers; hosted on YouTube).

Sheet Music - A collection of free sheet music from Project Gutenberg to download and/or print. Mostly chamber music, with composers such as Brahms and Beethoven. See also Musopen: Royalty-Free Sheet Music (non-profit organization; site includes advertisements) and IMSLP / Petrucci Music Library [CAUTION: This site includes one or more links to Wikipedia articles] (International Music Score Library Project).

Songwriters Hall of Fame AUDIO [NOTE: Spotify registration may be required to play full audio tracks.] - Honors and highlights the accomplishments of over 300 popular songwriters from a broad spectrum of styles, from Big Band to Rock, from Country to Broadway to R&B to Jazz and all other music genres, from every era dating back to Stephen Foster. The honorees range from George and Ira Gershwin to Hank Williams, from Duke Ellington to Carole King, from Bruce Springsteen to Stephen Sondheim. Includes biographies, photos, discography, audio clips, and more. (National Academy of Popular Music)

Musical Instruments

Drummerworld VIDEO - A large assortment of Drumming Video Tutorials (site includes advertisements).

Early Music Instruments - Guide to early instruments such as the lute, cittern, psaltery, tabor pipe, and many others; includes line drawings of the instruments (by Diabolus in Musica, an early music trio). See also Medieval and Renaissance Instruments AUDIO VIDEO, which includes photo, description, and brief audio & video file for each instrument (Iowa State University).

EthnoMusic AUDIO VIDEO - An enormous collection of photographs with brief descriptions of musical instruments from all over the world; some also include audio or video. Searchable by keyword and/or geographic region. (University of Washington)

Guitar: Virtual Guitar & Chordbook AUDIO INTERACTIVE - A great interactive tool for learning about and experimenting with chords. Includes interactive Guitar Chords, Guitar Tuner, and Practice Scales, plus Basic Guitar Lessons on video VIDEO (site includes advertisements). For history of the guitar, see Museum of Musical Instruments AUDIO. For instructional articles and interviews for guitar, see Guitar Sessions [Archived page] (2004 - 2010, Mel Bay Publications, Inc.).

Instrument Guides (MusOpen) - Free instructional resources and sheet music for guitar, piano, flute, clarinet, and others. Resources vary for different instruments, but may include purchasing advice, fingering charts, playing techniques and more. (Musopen, non-profit organization)

Instruments of the Orchestra VIDEO - Brief descriptions of each instrument, with videos of expert players guiding you through the intricacies of the instruments they play; middle school and up (Philharmonia Orchestra, UK). See also New York Philharmonic Kidzone: Instruments AUDIO INTERACTIVE, for elementary and middle school students (New York Philharmonic Orchestra).

Odd Music AUDIO - 'Unique, unusual, ethnic, or experimental music and instruments... from around the globe. From gourd music to electronic odysseys, harp guitars to industrial insect metal, from the beautiful to the bizarre.' (By John Pascuzzi; site includes advertisements)

Piano Page - Links and information on piano care, performing, the history of pianos, piano schools & college programs and more, plus a Piano Learning Center. (Piano Technicians Guild)

Violin Page VIDEO - Explains how to tune your violin, plus violin maintenance tips and violin fingering chart. The same site offers some tips on purchase and maintenance for cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar/ukelele, recorder, and piano/keyboard. Select an instrument from the 'Instruments' dropdown menu to find additional information for your instrument (Children's Music Workshop; site includes advertisements).


See also:
Arts - General

Blooms Literary Reference OnlineBlooms Literary Reference Online VIDEO - More than 20,000 critical essays from over 500 literary journals and 2,300 scholarly and critical books, plus biographies, character entries, and synopses of literary works. Also includes many literary-related videos including filmed dramas, musicals, poetry, documentaries, classic feature films, and lectures or interviews.

Ebsco Literary Reference Center Literary Reference Center - Information on the most studied authors and their works, including drama, from antiquity to the present day. Full-text from from over 1,000 books and monographs, major literary encyclopedias and reference works, hundreds of literary journals, and unique sources. Now includes Masterplots!

Actorama.com - A searchable database of scenes and monologues from plays, films, television and books (site includes advertisements). [NOTE: Unless the scene is from a work which is in the public domain, you may get only a summary and an excerpt, not the full text.]

American Theatre Wing VIDEO - Videos about theater, including Working in Theatre and How It Works. See the full archive of Career Guides, Working In The Theatre, and other videos on American Theatre Wing's YouTube page VIDEO, featuring actors, directors, playwrights, and other theatre professionals discussing their work. The Downstage Center audio podcast archive (2006 - 2013) is still available on Podbay. (American Theatre Wing)

Art of Ancient Greek Theater AUDIO - 'Explores the many ways Greek drama was interpreted by ancient Greek artists, whose works are frequently the only surviving evidence of the performing arts in antiquity. A wide variety of objects - including sculptures, painted vases, and a rare fragmentary papyrus - brings to life the rich history of ancient Greek theater.' You can see images of the art with explanatory text, and hear lines read in ancient Greek. (J. Paul Getty Museum)

Broadway: The American Musical [NOTE: Archived page. Some material and features may be unavailable.] - Explores the origins and development of Broadway musical theatre, with a timeline, plus information about major shows and stars. (PBS)

Costume Design (Arts Alive) - Learn about the process of creating costumes for theater, the designer's role, and effective costuming. There is also a page on Scenic Design (National Arts Centre of Canada).

History of Theatre - Covers the development of theater from ancient Greek and Roman times through the 20th century (Tupelo Community Theatre). Arts Alive: History of Theatre presents an overview of theatre history from ancient Greece to the 1950s, and brief profiles of the playwrights, directors, designers & actors who influenced its development (National Arts Centre of Canada).

IBDB: Internet Broadway Database - Search this site for information on productions from the beginnings of New York theatre until today, including cast, writers, directors, crew, interesting facts, and production statistics. Get a list of every production of Hamlet on Broadway or a list of your favorite actor's credits. Find out what played at a particular theatre or what shows opened in a specified Broadway season. (Site includes advertisements)

New York Times Theater Reviews - Free access to current theater reviews & news. Search by keyword. See also Times Topics: Theater. (Free registration may be required; site includes advertisements)

Playwrights and Their Plays: Study Guides - Summaries of dozens of plays, plus playwright biographies, character lists, and more. The plays, by American, British, and international playwrights, range from the 16th century to the present era. Includes Shakespeare (Utah Shakespearean Festival). The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey Study Guides provide plot summaries, critical analyses, historical & biographical background, and more. The printable guides cover dozens of plays including many of Shakespeare's works, as well as other classic and more contemporary plays. See also Shakespeare Links.

Royal National Theatre: Discover Theatre VIDEO - YouTube channel features content for teachers and students, including hundreds of videos about theatre careers, interviews with actors, playwrights & directors, and related content.(Royal National Theatre, UK; hosted on YouTube)

Shakespeare Links - Links to some of the best Shakespeare websites. (South Plainfield Public Library)

Vaudeville! AUDIO VIDEO - A history of vaudeville theater, a form of variety entertainment which rose to popularity in America after the Civil War. Includes some short videos (.mov) and audios (MP3) of vaudeville performances (By Rick Easton, University of Virginia). Vaudeville Nation AUDIO VIDEO explores the roots, development, and performing traditions of Vaudeville, and how it served as a model for radio, early sound film, and television. (New York Public Library)


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