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Facts On File: Fergusons Career Guidance Center

Facts On File: Fergusons Career Guidance Center FERGUSON'S CAREER GUIDANCE CENTER (Facts on File) VIDEO - Comprehensive and easy-to-use career research database offers information on more than 3,300 jobs and 94 industries, plus advice on applying for a job, acing an interview, behaving professionally in the work environment and more. More than 90 sample resumes and cover letters included! The Resources section contains over 50,000 entries on scholarships, internships, and other opportunities. Includes more than 290 videos present essential career information on both specific jobs and industries and on skills. If you're using this resource at home, you'll need to enter your name, library card barcode number, and PIN to get started.

Petersons Testing & Education Reference CenterPETERSON'S TESTING & EDUCATION REFERENCE CENTER - Search thousands of college and graduate school entries, identify scholarships, take practice tests, and use test prep eBooks; includes practice tests and study tips for all kinds of standardized tests, including the SAT, ACT, PSAT, CLEP, GED, NCLEX, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, civil service, postal, law enforcement, and ASVAB. If you're using this resource at home, you'll need to enter your name, library card barcode number, and PIN to get started. (Peterson's / Gale Cengage Learning / Nelnet, Inc.)

Method Test Prep for SAT & ACTMETHOD TEST PREP ACT & SAT prep programs NEW! can help students raise their ACT scores an average of three points and their SAT scores an average of 150 points! RB Digital's Method Test Prep can be enjoyed on your mobile devices through the RB Digital app, as well as desktop or laptop computers. (From RB Digital)

New Jersey CanNJCAN VIDEO - The New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator (NJCAN) provides accurate, comprehensive, current, and relevant occupational, post-secondary school and financial aid information. NJCAN contains the latest national, New Jersey and local labor market data and projections. NJCAN also includes information on job interview preparation, resume and cover letter creation, how to keep a job, self-employment, and military occupations. NJCAN is designed to support lifelong career exploration, and career planning and decision-making through easy to use, straightforward search and sorting utilities, and an online portfolio for saving information from all system components. Click here to login as a NJ Resident. (New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development & University of Oregon)


Career Education VIDEO - A collection of career videos for grades 6-12. The related Career Explorations (formerly Career Aisle) page offers videos on a wide range of careers. (; South Carolina Educational TV)

Career Interest Game - Guidance to help you match your interests and skills with suitable careers and help you begin thinking about how your personality will fit in with specific work environments and occupations (University of Missouri).

CareerShip - Online career exploration for middle and high school students. Students can review careers by cluster, match careers to their interests, or search for a particular career (Mapping Your Future, a nonprofit organization sponsored by student loan guaranty agencies; powered by O*NET OnLine, U.S. Department of Labor). See also My Next Move INTERACTIVE, an interactive tool for job seekers and students to learn more about their career options, with tasks, skills, salary information, and more for over 900 different careers (National Center for O*NET Development, U.S. Department of Labor).

Career Videos (CareerOneStop) VIDEO - Browse CareerOneStop's video collection to learn about careers, industries, skills and abilities, or work options and education levels. Videos may be downloaded in several different formats (State of Minnesota and U.S. Department of Labor).

Disabilities: Career Resources for Students with Disabilities VIDEO INTERACTIVE [NOTE: Free registration required to access some resources] - A collection of online resources for students with disabilities, including the interactive Map It: What Comes Next? module, Getting a Job! module, and a series of Real Life 101 videos to help you prepare for the transition to college or workplace. (Described and Captioned Media Program)

Khan Academy Career Video Series VIDEO - 'Are you wondering how to land your dream job or negotiate your salary? We ask real people in real jobs how they make it all work in our video series about careers. In addition, explore articles and videos that will help you land a job and make strong financial decisions.' (Non-profit organization)

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Explains what workers do on the job in hundreds of occupations; also describes working conditions, education or training requirements, earnings, and expected prospects for a wide variety of jobs. Click on 'A-Z Index', or search by occupation keyword. Updated every two years. See also Career Outlook by subject NEW! (U.S. Department of Labor).

Student Jobs - Lists federal government job opportunities, including internships, for students and recent graduates. (U.S. Office of Personnel Management)

Youth at Work - Information for young workers about employee rights & responsibilities, and about different types of discrimination affecting young workers and how to help prevent it (U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission). Young Workers: Safety and Health provides advice for teen workers on how to protect themselves on the job. Also offers related information for parents, educators, and employers (OSHA: U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration). See more work-related links for teens on our TeenZone page.

Specific Careers & Career Fields

Accounting Careers INTERACTIVE - Find out whether a career in accounting is right for you. Includes a career personality quiz, plus information on skills, education, jobs, and internships (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). See also Mathematics Careers, below.

Animal Care - See Veterinary Medicine, below

Archaeology NEW! - Brief answers to FAQs about archaeology, plus links to related resources. (Archaeological Institute of America)

Architect - Provides an introducation to the field of architecture, with information on the education & other necessary steps to becoming an architect, and related resources. (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards)

Archivist - Explains what archives are, what archivists do, qualifications for employment, and salaries & benefits (Society of American Archivists; site includes advertisements). See also Library Careers, below.

Astronaut: Careers at NASA - Learn about the different types of careers at NASA, fields of study, educational and internship programs, and more. Includes profiles of people who work at NASA. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

Astronomy - A brief summary of what astronomers do and how to prepare for a career in astronomy (International Astronomical Union).

Atmospheric Sciences Careers - Learn more about what atmospheric science professionals do for their jobs. Covers fields such as astronomy & astrophysics, engineering, environmental science, geography, geology, meteorology, oceanography and more (National Center for Atmospheric Research). All About Careers in Meteorology gives a broad overview of careers in atmospheric and related sciences, with links to many related resources (American Meteorological Society). Meteorology Careers gives brief descriptions of various career choices for meteorologists, plus some related links (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

Biological Sciences - An overview of education and careers in biology, with links to related resources (American Institute of Biological Sciences). See also Careers in Microbiology and the Microbial Sciences UPDATED LINK! (American Society For Microbiology).

Book Publishing - Briefly describes different types of careers in book publishing, and lists corresponding college majors for each job title. You will also find information about different types of publishers, commonly used terms, educational resources, publishing organizations, and more. (Association of American Publishers)

Business Ownership: Young Entrepreneurs VIDEO INTERACTIVE - An online course that introduces young entrepreneurs to the basics of creating and financing a successful business. Also includes a printable checklist for Young Entrepreneurs. (U.S. Small Business Administration)

Chemistry VIDEO - Describes dozens of careers in chemistry, with information on educational requirements, work environment, skills, career paths, job outlook and more. Also includes profiles of individuals working in each field. (American Chemical Society)

Computing VIDEO - Tools and resources to help you learn about the world of computing, and how you can start on your path to a computing career, including career profiles of individuals working in a variety of computer-related occupations, accredited computing programs, and more (IEEE [Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers]; professional organization). See also Careers in Cybersecurity NEW! (2018, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education; National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Construction and Related Trades - Information on 20 different occupations in construction and related occupations, including mason, carpenter, roofer, electrician, plumber, solar photovoltaic installer, and more. (Occupational Outlook Handbook)

Dentistry Careers - Information on careers & educational programs for Dentists, as well as related occupations such as Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Laboratory Technicians. See also Dentistry 101 (American Dental Education Association; site includes advertisements).

Education: Explore Teaching VIDEO - Different types of teachers explore a variety of reasons for choosing a teaching career; also provides information on financial aid, certification, and related topics (, a public-private partnership led by Microsoft, State Farm and the U.S. Department of Education). See also Education, Training, and Library Occupations (Occupational Outlook Handbook) and Library Careers, below.

Engineering: DiscoverE VIDEO - Discover engineering with career facts, activities, and more (National Engineers Week Foundation). See also Engineer Girl (National Academy of Sciences).

Environmental Careers - Describes a number of different careers in environmental conservation, including park ranger, wildlife biologist, and forester; middle school and up (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources). Environmental Career Opportunities for Students provides information about internships with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Under Other Student Opportunities (on the right-hand side of the page) you will find links to info about fellowships & scholarships, student contracting and more; for high school and up (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). Green Careers [Archived pages] has articles and data on careers in recycling, renewable energy, green construction, and more; high school and up (2010 - 2013, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). See also SEED Center Green Career Resources (Sustainability Education and Economic Development (SEED) Center, American Association of Community Colleges and ecoAmerica).

Foreign Language: Careers in Translation and Interpreting AUDIO - Information on the career outlook for translators & interpreters, an overview of what it takes to do the job, and personal stories about the profession from translators & interpreters, (American Translators Association). See also Translation Industry Career Guide (Lingo24 Translation Services; site includes advertisements)

Government Jobs - Explores options for working in the federal government, with pros & cons, information about internships & student jobs, and more. (Partnership for Public Service; nonprofit organization)

Graphic Design - This online career guide explains what graphic design is, who becomes a designer, how to choose a design school, and more. (American Institute of Graphic Arts)

Green Careers - See Environmental Careers, above.

Health Careers - Information on a wide variety of careers in health and medical science (American Dental Education Association, Federation of Associations of Schools of the Health Professions, et al.). See also Health Occupations (National Institutes of Health), Nursing Now (Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.), and Decoding Cancer: Career Spotlight (Val Skinner Foundation and Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey). See also Psychology Careers, below, and Dentistry Careers, above.

Know It All: Kids Work! VIDEO INTERACTIVE - Learn about jobs in health care, theater and broadcasting in a colorful virtual community of workplaces, with video profiles of real people who work in these careers; for middle school students. (ETV Commission)

Library Careers - Do you love books? Love people? Love computers? A career in library service might be for you! Check out this website for more information (American Library Association). See also The Evolution of Library Work: Careers 2016 (Library Journal; site includes advertisments), and Archivist, above.

Marine Biology - OceanAGE Careers, below.

Mathematics - A basic career overview for students (American Mathematical Society). The Mathematical Association of America offers dozens of profiles on a wide variety of careers, and related articles on Dream Jobs for which a background in the mathematical sciences is useful, including academia & teaching, actuarial science & accounting, business management, computing, engineering, law, investment analysis, military & public service, medicine & life sciences, physical sciences, and sales & marketing. See also Be an Actuary (Society of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Society), Accounting Careers, above.

Medical Careers - See Health Careers, above.

Mental Health Careers - See Psychology Careers.

Meteorology - See Atmospheric Sciences, above.

Microbiology Careers - See Biological Sciences, above.

Military Careers VIDEO - Developed as a resource for parents, educators and young adults curious about military service, this website offers interviews with active-duty servicemembers, as well as information about career fields, training, benefits and more (U.S. Department of Defense). My Future: Military Service is a related site (U.S. Department of Defense). See also What the Recruiter Never Told You and additional articles on U.S. Military Careers (, IAC/InterActiveCorp; site includes advertisements).

Non-Profit Careers - Information and resources on working in the non-profit sector, including Career Planning Guides UPDATED LINK! and Career Spotlights: Idealists in the World. High school and up. (

Nursing - Health Careers, above.

OceanAGE Careers VIDEO - Video profiles, interviews, biographies, career timelines, and related materials and resources help you learn about a variety of careers which involve exploring our planet's oceans. Careers profiled include Deep-sea Biologist, Marine Ecologist, Geophysicist, Marine Archaeologist, Research Scientist, and Oceanographer. See also Marine Careers (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and Marine Careers (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) NEW!.

OLogy - 'OLogy means 'the study of.' On this website, you can meet the 'OLogists' who work in fields such as archaelogy, astronomy, biology, geology, paleontology, and many others; middle school and up (American Museum of Natural History). See also Learn About Careers in Science VIDEO (elementary school and up; Jim Metzner Productions, Inc. et al.), and Science and Technology: CurioCity Career Profiles and related links, below.

Paleontology: I Want to be a Paleontologist! - Overview of what paleontology is and how to prepare for a paleontology career (Paleontological Research Institution). See also Paleo FAQ & Paleo Profiles (Society of Vertebrate Paleontology; non-profit organization).

Physics Careers - Profiles dozens of physicists who have taken a variety of career paths and educational paths, plus related resources. Use the lefthand menu to choose options (American Physical Society). See also Careers from Physics (Institute of Physics, UK) and Physics Career Resources (Society of Physics Students, American Institute of Physics).

Physiology Careers - See Health Careers, above.

Psychology Careers - 'This guide provides a look at psychology as a career in many different fields, such as research, consulting, diagnosing and teaching. It includes an outlook of the current job market and testimonials from psychologists on the career paths they have chosen.' See also Psychology Careers [Link opens a PDF], Non-Academic Careers in Psychology and Interesting Careers in Psychological Science (American Psychological Association). See also Social Work, below.

Public Service - See Government Jobs and Non-Profit Careers, above.

Science and Technology: CurioCity Career Profiles - 'Did you know there are literally hundreds of careers where science, technology, engineering & math education matters? We've chased down real-life professionals with jobs related to these subjects to question them on what makes up their job, why it suits them, and why it might suit YOU. Some of these jobs may be what you consider traditionally a science or techie role - but some may surprise you!' For grades 8-12 (Let's Talk Science; Canadian non-profit organization). People Behind the Science Podcast AUDIO features interviews with top scientists about their work, sharing their successes, failures, and passions (hosted by Dr. Marie McNeely). For more resources, see Careers in Science (Science Buddies; non-profit organization), Profiles of Scientists and Engineers VIDEO (Science360 Knowledge Network, National Science Foundation), and OLogy, above.

Social Work UPDATED LINK! - Explores career options in the field, how to get started on a social work career path, internships, licensing, and more (National Association of Social Workers).

Sports Careers [Archived pages] - An archive of short articles profiling people who work in a wide variety of sports-related jobs including management, marketing, public relations, broadcasting, and more (2001 - 2013, Work In Sports L.L.C.). For more up-to-date information, see the Work in Sports blog AUDIO VIDEO. See also Careers for Women in Sports (Women's Sports Foundation).

Teaching Careers - See Education, above.

Theatre Careers - See American Theatre Wing and Costume Design & Scenic Design links.

Veterinary Medicine - Brochures on careers in veterinary medicine and veterinary technology (American Veterinary Medical Association). See also Careers with Animals (, Animal Careers [Link opens a PDF] (ASPCA), Ways to Help Animals as a Career (American Humane Association), and Zoo Careers UPDATED LINK! (Sea World).

You're a What? - Articles describing a wide variety of new or unusual occupations such as Social Media Specialist, Mystery Shopper, Kinesiotherapist, Roastmaster, Font designer, Santa Claus, Rodeo clown, and many more! NOTE: Some info in older articles my be outdated. (1999 - 2018, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)


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