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Rosetta Stone Language Learning


Rosetta Stone Language LearningRosetta Stone Language Learning offers the proven immersion method of language learning that more than 20,000 schools have trusted for over 20 years. The award-winning interactive approach has been used by millions of learners around the world and now is accessible in the library - or anywhere, anytime. Includes courses in American English as well as British English!

Petersons Testing & Education Reference Center PETERSON'S TESTING & EDUCATION REFERENCE CENTER: International Tools include free practice tests, study tips, test prep eBooks and related resources for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication). If you're logging on at home, you'll need to enter your name, library card barcode number, and PIN to get started.

Universal Class UNIVERSAL CLASS: Free online non-credit courses in English language skills (Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and ESL). Courses are accessible 24/7 via the Internet. You will have up to 6 months to finish each course, and each course has a real instructor you can communicate with by email! To sign up for classes, you'll need to register on the site and choose a username & password for your account. (Site includes advertisements)

Signing Savvy has been discontinued due to insufficient use. Use the free American Sign Language University website (below) instead.

GCF Learnfree GCF LearnFree: Learn English - Free online English tutorial with instructions in Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, and simple English. You can practice 1000 common vocabulary words across over 40 categories, learn new words, practice reading, listening, & reading comprehension, and use Fill in the Blank activities to test your understanding. (Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc.)

Changing Language - 'The English language is vast, flexible, fascinating, frustrating, challenging, inspiring and endlessly changing... This website explores the way that the language has developed over hundreds of years.' You can launch the interactive timeline, or scroll down to browse the content by centuries; high school. (British Library)

Commonly Confused Words - Lists dozens of commonly confused word pairs, such as affect & effect, discreet & discrete, and flaunt & flout, with tips on how to use them correctly (Oxford University Press; site includes advertisements).

Diagramming Sentences - Diagramming sentences is a way to visualize how the different parts of a sentence fit together. On this page, you can learn the process one step at a time, or jump to a particular section using the table of contents. (By Dr. Kip Wheeler, an English professor at Carson-Newman College)

Dictionaries: Word Central - Games, daily 'buzzword', and 'Build Your Own Dictionary' feature for younger students (Merriam-Webster; site includes advertisements). Wordsmyth includes Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced dictionaries and other features (site includes advertisements). See also Dictionary links.

Dr. Goodword's Word Wizard Club - Colorful vocabulary website designed for kids aged 7 - 13, featuring games, puzzles, and other fun learning activities. (Lexiteria LLC; site includes advertisements)

Elements of Style - William Strunk's classic reference book on 'the principal requirements of plain English style... the rules of usage and principles of composition most commonly violated.' You can read it online, or download it in Kindle, text, or ePUB format. (

English/English as a Second Language (ESL) - Selected links from South Plainfield Public Library's Information for New Americans page.

Grammar and Writing Guide - Defines the different parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, etc.), explains sentence structure, and provides tips for composing good sentences, paragraphs, essays, and research papers. Also offers quizzes, FAQs, and other helpful tools (Capital Community College Foundation, CT). Grammar Bytes INTERACTIVE includes definitions of common grammar terms, fun quizzes, and quick tips & rules (by English Professor Robin L. Simmons, Valencia Community College).

Grammarphobia - A blog on grammar, word origins, usage, and more (by journalists Patricia T. O'Conner and Stewart Kellerman).

How to Write a Paper and Cite Sources - Selected links to sites offering guidance on planning, researching, and writing an essay or term paper. (South Plainfield Public Library)

Proofreading Symbols - Meanings and examples of common copyediting and proofreading symbols & abbreviations. (Chicago Manual of Style, University of Chicago Press)

Specialty Dictionaries ( - Links to online dictionaries for dozens of subjects in business, science, education, the arts, medicine, computing, and more. Expect some broken links. (Site includes advertisements)

Spelling - Quick-reference spelling tips, covering plurals, common misspellings, and the differences between American and British spelling (Oxford University Press; site includes advertisements).

Visual Dictionary Online AUDIO - Detailed, labelled images and audio pronunciation (Merriam-Webster; site includes advertisements). A similar site is Visual Dictionary, which offers images labelled in English or French (by Bernard Déry et al.; site includes advertisements).

Vocabulary Games INTERACTIVE - Fun quizzes to help you learn SAT / GRE words, improve your vocabulary context skills, and learn computer or medical terminology (Sheppard Software; site includes advertisements). Vocabulary University® / My Vocabulary INTERACTIVE has word puzzles and other exercises to help build your English vocabulary (By Jan Cook and Carey Orr Cook; site includes advertisements).

Word of the Day - Increase your vocabulary by learning a new word each day; site provides both definitions and usage examples. (New York Times; site includes advertisements)

Word Spy: The Word Lover's Guide to New Words - Highlights & defines fresh words and phrases that have appeared at least three times in print or online. New words and phrases are added frequently (by author Paul McFedries).

Writing Resource Center - Online resources to help you learn about academic writing & research, business writing, grammar & punctuation, spelling & mechanics, and more (Empire State College). For links to additional writing resources, see How to Write a Paper and Cite Sources (South Plainfield Public Library).

Other Languages

Rosetta Stone Language LearningRosetta Stone Language Learning offers the proven immersion method of language learning that more than 20,000 schools have trusted for over 20 years. The award-winning interactive approach has been used by millions of learners around the world and now is accessible in the library - or anywhere, anytime!

Signing Savvy has been discontinued due to insufficient use. Use the free American Sign Language University website (below) instead.

African Writing Systems - 'African artworks from a range of periods, regions and media testify to the rich diversity of scripts and forms of graphic communication. They challenge conventional understandings of the written word as something static applied only to paper, and they demonstrate the dynamic ways that artists from many African cultures have creatively used script, or the idea of script, in their works of art.' (Smithsonian)

American Sign Language: ASL University VIDEO INTERACTIVE - Extensive resources for learning American Sign Language, including a sign language dictionary with photographs and video (by ASL educator Dr. William Vicars, California State University; site includes advertisements).

Arabic Language - Information on learning to read and write in Arabic. (By British journalist / author Brian Whitaker; site includes advertisements)

BBC Primary Languages AUDIO - Basic lessons in French, Spanish, and Mandarin for younger kids, covering sounds, numbers, basic greetings, families, calendar, food & drink, school, and more; for elementary and middle school students.

BBC World Service - The day's news in more than two dozen languages; for more advanced language students.

Chinese - Free interactive language learning resources for beginning Mandarin Chinese. You can practice pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, listening, and reading skills at your own convenience; high school and up (University of Texas). Younger kids, see BBC Primary Languages: Mandarin AUDIO.

Duolingo AUDIO INTERACTIVE - User-friendly interactive lessons make learning a new language fun and addictive! Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges, instant grading, free mobile apps and other helpful features. Choose from Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, and many more (Luis von Ahn, professor at Carnegie Mellon University, et al.).

Foreign Language Resource Centers - A directory of online language learning and teaching materials in almost any language (Michigan State University). [NOTE: This site will be most useful for finding resources in less-commonly-studied languages.]

Foreign Language Guide AUDIO - Interactive, sound-integrated language learning resources in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Vietnamese, Korean, and Hindi. Choose your native language at the bottom of the page, then use the dropdown menu to choose the language you want to learn. From the resulting page, select a category; within each category, place your cursor over an image or text to hear it pronounced aloud. You can find the previous version of the Hebrew guide in the archives. Visit the Language Guide blog for more information about the site. (2015, by software developer & language enthusiast Tom Blackmon, et al.; non-profit organization; site includes advertisements)

Latin: Introducing Classical Latin - An introduction to Latin pronunciation, words, and sentences. See also Getting Started on Classical Latin (The Open University, UK) and Introduction to Latin (Winfred P. Lehmann and Jonathan Slocum, University of Texas) and A short course in practical Latin (Dr Elizabeth R. Tuttle, University of Denver).

Omniglot - Examples of all different types of writing systems and alphabets from around the world, plus tips on learning languages and useful foreign phrases. (By Simon Ager et al.; site includes advertisements)

Yiddish-Hebrew-English-German-Russian-French Picture Dictionary - Click on a word from the left-hand list to see the word written in all six languages, with a picture illustrating the word. (Ester-Basya Vaisman & Fishman Foundation for Yiddish Culture) Foreign Language Dictionaries [NOTE: A-Z links don't work! Scroll down the page to see the list of language links.] - Links to online dictionaries for more than a hundred languages; expect broken links. (Site includes advertisements)

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