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Aztec Deities - Flash multimedia presentations explore the mythology of two Aztec deities, Coyolxauhqui and Xochipilli, by examining ancient scuptures of each deity (2010, J. Paul Getty Museum). [NOTE: You will need a full-size screen to view this site. If you cannot see the 'BEGIN' buttons after the page loads, press the F11 key on your computer keyboard; press the Escape key to return to the normal browser window.]

Big Myth - Explores how people from different cultures view themselves, the world, and their origins by comparing their world creation myths. The myths for each group are accompanied by an overview of the culture and pantheon of the gods. NOTE: Only the nine cultures marked by a red dot on the map are still available free online. (2002, Mythic Imagination Institute, non-profit group; site includes advertisements)

Bulfinch's Mythology [CAUTION: This site includes links to Wikipedia articles and pre-formed Google searches.] - Online text of Thomas Bulfinch's classic mythology book, covering 'stories of gods & heroes,' 'legends of King Arthur,' and 'romance of the middle ages. You can also download the texts as a zip file, or in Kindle or ePub format (University of Adelaide). Bulfinch's Mythology is also available in a variety of formats from Project Gutenberg.

Egypt's Divine Realm - 'Clickable chart of some of ancient Egypt's most important gods and goddesses' (Penn Museum, University of Pennsylvania).

Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology - An A-Z encyclopedia with brief illustrated entries on dozens of Greek gods, goddesses, heroes, and related topics. Middle school and up. (2004 - 2009; by Joel Skidmore et al., creators of an educational Greek mythology computer game). The Theoi Project explores the gods, heroes, and fabulous creatures of ancient Greek mythology & religion in classical literature & art. Includes many classic texts and images (created by Aaron Atsma, Deventer, Netherlands; site includes advertisements).

Folklore & Mythology E-Texts - Online texts of classic stories, myths, fables & fairy tales from around the world, with a single alphabetical index for titles (i.e., Beauty & the Beast), subjects (i.e., changeling legends) and authors (i.e., Andersen, Hans Christian). (1996 - 2015; Professor D. L. Ashliman, University of Pittsburgh)

Hercules - Everything you always wanted to know about Greece's greatest hero; includes images. (Edited by Gregory R. Crane, Tufts University)

In Search of Myths & Heroes [NOTE: Archived page; some media features may not work.] - Explores the history behind some of the most well-known myths in the world: the stories of King Arthur, the Queen of Sheba, Shangri-La, and Jason and the Golden Fleece. Click on one of the myths to get started. Includes video clips. (2005; PBS)

Medieval Bestiary - 'In the Middle Ages, animal stories were immensely popular throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The people of the time were, of course, dependent on wild and domestic animals for their survival... [but] there is a distinctly spiritual and even mystical aspect to the animal lore of the Middle Ages.' This site offers descriptions & illustrations of real animals as well as beasts which existed only in myth or fable, plus links to medieval manuscripts, short articles on related topics, and more. (2011; by David Badke, a software developer with a degree in Medieval Studies)

MythNet - Brief descriptions of the Romans gods, goddesses, and heroes, with genealogies, picture gallery, links, quiz and more. (1997 - 2014; created by Neil Jenkins, Sumair Mirza and Jason Tsang, students from York Mills Collegiate Institute)

Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales INTERACTIVE - Myths and stories from around the world, plus a storytelling workshop, an interactive tool to help you create your own myths, and advice from writers like Jane Yolen & John Sciezka. For students and teachers, grades K-12. (20004; Scholastic, Inc.)

Sur La Lune Fairy Tale Page - Gives the text, history, annotations, and interpretations of dozens of familiar fairy tales; use the left-hand menu to choose a tale. Includes bibliographies for further reading. (1999 - 2007; by Heidi Anne Heiner; site includes advertisements)

World Myths & Legends in Art - 'This collection of images brings together 26 works of art inspired by mythology around the world.' Use the site to explore myths by theme or by culture. Key ideas, background information, and a related story are provided for each piece of art (2003, Minneapolis Institute of Arts).


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