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General Sports Sites


Amateur Athletic Union of the USA: AAU Sports video - 'A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs.' Includes information on local sports clubs for adults and youth in many different sports, including baseball, basketball, diving, football, gymnastics, hockey, martial arts, swimming, trampoline/tumbling, volleyball, wrestling, and others. (Non-profit, volunteer organization)

Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers - This online sports history exhibit uses text and photos to portray dozens of pioneering men and women who dominated their sports; championed their country, race, or sex; and helped others to achieve. Athletes covered include Jackie Robinson, Althea Gibson, Hank Aaron, Billie Jean King, Mia Hamm, Kristi Yamaguchi, Roberto Clemente, Lance Armstrong, and many more (Smithsonian). See also Black Baseball links, below.

Careers in Sports - Dozens of short articles profiling people who work in a wide variety of sports-related jobs including management, marketing, public relations, broadcasting, and more. Site also offers sports job listings; free registration is required to view jobs. (Work In Sports L.L.C.; site includes advertisements)

College Sports Statistics and Records - Championship records and other stats for all college sports. The NCAA Publications page includes free PDF downloads of rule books & manuals. (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

Disabled Sports links - Resources on adaptive sports, sports rehabilitation programs, and special sports events.

Fun in New Jersey: Sports - Links to New Jersey's professional sports teams, college teams, minor league baseball, auto & horse racing, tennis/racquet clubs, golf courses, bowling centers, and more (site includes advertisements). See also Sports Venues in N.J. for links to New Jersey professional teams, arenas, stadiums, racetracks, etc. (State of New Jersey).

International Sports Calendar - Calendar of upcoming sports events around the world; searchable by sport, location, and date (SportAccord, formerly General Association of International Sports Federations) [NOTE: Search function was not working properly when checked June 2013].
See also SportCal [NOTE: Details about events and advanced search functions are available only to paid subscribers].

Jock Bio - In-depth biographies of popular sports figures. NOTE: Older biographies have not updated. (Site includes advertisements)

Olympic Games video - Official website of the International Olympic Committee provides a searchable database of Olympics medallists since 1896, and offers news about current and future games, information on individual sports, athlete profiles and photos, as well as online exhibitions from the Olympic Museum. See also U.S. Olympic Team video official site.

Only a Game audio - A weekly sports radio show 'for the serious sports fan and the steadfast sports avoider... Only A Game tells the stories behind the box scores, including the explosion of interest in women's sports, competitive opportunities for the disabled, and the business of sports - as well as who wins and who loses. (NPR / WBUR, Boston; site includes advertisements)

Scholarly Sports Sites - A directory of links for those interested in the academic study of sports (The H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports, University of Texas). See also LA84 Foundation Research & Conference Reports.

Special Olympics - Special Olympics offers year-round training and competition in 26 Olympic-type summer and winter sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. See also Disabled Sports links.

Sport Psychology - Short articles and links on applied sport psychology, with separate sections for athletes, parents, coaches, & psychologists, plus sections on health & fitness and injury & rehabilitation. (Association for Applied Sport Psychology)

Sports Medicine - A collection of free brochures (PDF format) on the proper use of exercise equipment, and related subjects (American College of Sports Medicine).

Women's Sports Foundation - The Foundation's mission is 'to advance the lives of girls and women through sports and physical activity.' Website offers articles on current issues, plus other resources on sports, fitness & health.

Individual Sports

Baseball Almanac - Online baseball reference offers a vast wealth of historical statistics plus stories, famous firsts, quotes, autographs, team rosters, records, lists, feats, and more. (Site includes advertisements)

Baseball: Ballparks of Baseball video - A site devoted to everything about baseball parks, past, present and future; includes pictures, seating charts, and ticket search. (Site includes advertisements)

Baseball: Business of Baseball - Articles, documents, and data dealing with the business end of baseball, including history, facilities development, relocation/expansion, player salaries, contracts, rules, policies, and attendance. (Society for American Baseball Research)

Baseball: Glory Days of New York Baseball (1947-1957) - 'Explores how and why New York City came to dominate Major League baseball and how 11 extraordinary seasons shaped today's game' (2007, Museum of the City of New York).

Baseball: Major League Baseball video - Official site with news, schedules, standings, player stats, links to teams, and more (site includes advertisements). See the International Baseball Federation video website to find out what's happening in baseball around the world.

Baseball: Negro Leagues History - A brief history of the 'Negro Leagues', plus Team Histories and Player Profiles (Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Kansas City, MO). Black Baseball video 'is dedicated to the generation of ballplayers who were denied the opportunity to play in the major leagues because of factors other than their ability to play the game of baseball.' Click on 'Basic History' in the menu for team list and videos about players & teams (by James A. Riley, author of The Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Baseball Leagues; site includes advertisements). See also Baseball and the Negro Leagues: A Symbol of America (by Mike Mencarini, Marquette University undergraduate student) and Crossing the Color Barrier: Jackie Robinson and the Men Who Integrated Major League Baseball (LA84 Foundation).

Baseball Think Factory - Baseball analysis, news, and links. (Site includes advertisements)

Basketball: Inside Hoops - Basketball news, rumors, expert analysis, fan editorials, interviews, rankings, game results, features & info, polls and forums. Covers professional, college, high school, and street basketball. (NBA video; site includes advertisements)

Basketball: WNBA video - Official site for women's professional basketball. (Site includes advertisements)

Boxing: The Ring / Ring TV video - Boxing news & features (site includes advertisements). video - All the latest football news, schedules, stats, commentary, etc., plus an almanac of historical records. Covers both professional and college football. See also video. (These sites include advertisements)

Golf: PGA video - Golf news & events, schedule of PGA tournaments, course guide, equipment guide, instructional videos, and more. (Site includes advertisements)

Halls of Fame - Links to many sports Halls of Fame in the U.S. (; site includes advertisements). Major sports Halls of Fame include Baseball Hall of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Basketball Hall of Fame, Hockey Hall of Fame, Soccer Hall of Fame, and Tennis Hall of Fame. See also Sports Museums & Halls of Fame (click on 'Sports Museums & Halls of Fame' in the menu bar for a list of sites) and DMOZ Directory: Sports Museums.

Soccer: Major League Soccer video - The Official Site of U.S. Major League Soccer, with news and info on clubs, standings, and more. For World Cup Soccer (international football), see FIFA video and U.S. Soccer Federation video.

Swimming: Healthy Swimming / Water Recreation - Information and advice on preventing & avoiding recreational water illnesses, with tips for healthy swimming, hot tub use, kiddie pools, animals & pools, and related topics (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). See also Sun & Water Safety Tips and Pool & Spa Safety.

Tennis: USTA video - Tennis news, tournaments & competitions at all levels, league play, information for parents and coaches, video instruction & tips to improve your game, and more. (United States Tennis Association; site includes advertisements)

Kids & Sports / Coaching

For updated links, go to Webfinder: Kids' Sports & Coaching


Bicycle / In-Line Skating / Skateboarding Safety - Information to help avoid injuries when bicycling, skating, or skateboarding. Includes tips on buying the right equipment and following the rules of the road. See also Kids' Sports Safety, Kids' Sports Safety - Prevention, and Kids' Water Safety. (MUSC Children's Hospital) [NOTE: Scroll past the links to read the articles.]

Cheerleader Stunt School video - 'Step-by-step tips for all-star, college and high school-level stunts.' (American Cheerleader; site includes advertisements)

Coaching Boys Into Men - Aimed at helping coaches to reduce disrespectful or dangerous attitudes and behaviors toward women, this site offers coaching tips, advice and useful anecdotes from great coaches and players. NOTE: The coaches' kit and related materials are free to download, but you must go through a checkout process and provide your name, address, & email to get them. (Family Violence Prevention Fund; non-profit organization)

Concussions in Sports audiovideo - Information for coaches, athletes, and parents on how to prevent and recognize concussions. (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Eating for Sports - Basic sports nutrition advice for kids & teens. (Nemours Foundation)

Healthy Competition video - Tips and tools from Major League baseball players to help parents encourage their young athletes to stay fit, eat right and lead a healthy life. (2010, Partnership for a Drug-Free America)

Little League Baseball & Softball video - The official site for Little League Baseball & Softball offers tips and resources for parents, coaches, players, and others involved in the sport. Also includes a Challenger Division for boys and girls with physical and mental challenges. See also Pop Warner Youth Football & Cheerleading video, U.S. Youth Soccer video, and Amateur Athletic Union of the USA video, described above.

MomsTeam™ video - Practical advice on youth sports parenting from a team of experts, professionals and sponsors. 'Dedicated to making sure that youth sports is safe, affordable, stress free and more fun!' (Formerly Youth Sports Parents; site includes advertisements)

Responsible Sports audiovideo - Helpful advice and useful resources for parents & coaches of youth athletes, preschool through high school, both on and off the field. (Liberty Mutual Insurance and partners)

Skateboard Directory - All about skateboarding - including news, interviews, camps, organizations, competitions, publications, boards and supplies, and related sports such as windsurfing and snowboarding. (Site includes advertisements)

Sport Psychology - Short articles and links on applied sport psychology, with separate sections for athletes, parents, coaches, & psychologists, plus sections on health & fitness and injury & rehabilitation. (Association for Applied Sport Psychology)

Steroid Abuse - Resources and publications about the dangers of steroid use. See also Drug Facts for Teens: Anabolic Steroids. (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

Streetplay video - Website dedicated to street games such as handball, stickball, stoopball, hopscotch, jumprope, marbles, and others. Includes how-tos, discussion boards, links, videos, and more. See also International Kids' Games. (These sites include advertisements)

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