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Need help? Start here : call 211 Call 2-1-1 when you need to find state or local resources to address urgent needs or everyday concerns, including health & mental health services, food banks, shelter, rental or utility assistance, adult day care, Meals on Wheels, transportation, childcare, crisis intervention services, job training, education, and more. 2-1-1 is free, confidential, multi-lingual, confidential, TTY accessible, and available 24/7 2-1-1 resource specialists will guide callers to the most helpful available resources. Visit the website for more information. NOTE : 2-1-1 calls are generally toll-free; however, if you are calling 2-1-1 from your cell phone, please check with your cell phone service provider first to find out whether you will be charged for the call. You can also reach 2-1-1 by dialing 877-652-1148. (United Way, in partnership with the State of New Jersey)

(Not all calls are toll-free - check with your phone company):
311 : New York City Government Information & Services (Outside NYC: 212-NEW-YORK)
(NOTE: Other cities may also have 311 services)
411 : Directory Assistance
511 : Road & Traffic conditions
611 : Cell phone customer service (most major providers)
711 : Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) for hearing- or speech-impaired
811 : Call before you dig
911 : Fire / Police / Medical emergencies

A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies - A comprehensive directory, with website link and contact info for each department or agency. Some listings also include a description, local office locations, or other information. U.S. Government Telephone and E-mail Directories links to more contact directories for government agencies and officials. Part of, a searchable directory of all U.S. government information.

AnyWho - Find telephone numbers, URLs, fax, and addresses for people and businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Offers options for reverse look-up, plus toll-free numbers, maps and driving directions (site includes advertisements). For international directories, see Infobel World Telephone Directories (site includes advertisements) and SuperPages Global Directories.

Area Codes - Listing by number of U.S. area codes and codes for other countries. There is also a page listing codes by state/country (personal site, by Bennet Yee; site includes advertisements). See also Anywho Area Codes (site includes advertisements)

Free Lookups (Melissa Data) - An assortment of free online directories including phone, address, zip codes, and many different types of public records. BRB Public Records Resource Center offers free links to public records including 'business information, corporate filings, property records, unclaimed property, professional licenses, offenders, inmates, criminal and civil court filings, and much more' (BRB Publications). Public Records Free Directory and Public Records Center are similar sites. Mainly for New Jersey, the Courier News & Home News Tribune offer Data Universe, with links to property records and taxes, government payrolls, school performance report cards, crime reports and conviction records, and much more. See also New Jersey Public Record. (The previous listings all include advertisements.) See Public Records & Info Brokers for consumer information on how the proliferation of online information brokers affects your privacy (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse). See also Vital Records : Replace Your Vital Documents, below.

Infobel World Telephone Directories - Search here for addresses and phone numbers of people or businesses outside the US. See also SuperPages Global Directories, described below. (Sites includes advertisement)

International Calling Codes - Select a country from the dropdown menu (Verizon). International country codes as well as some city codes may also be found at AT&T's Access Codes page. (Sites include advertisements)

International Postal Address Formats - If you are sending postal mail to a country outside the U.S., this site will help you find post codes & abbreviations, and format your address according to the requirements of that country's postal system (by Frank da Cruz, Columbia University). Bitboost Systems offers similar information (by a computer software company; site includes advertisements).

Internet 800 Directory - Search by product, service, company name, or toll free number (site includes advertisements).

New Jersey Helps - 'A one-stop shopping resource for the wide range of programs, information and services provided by the Department of Human Services and its partners, to assist individuals, families and communities in throughout the State of New Jersey.' (N.J. Department of Human Services)

PackTrack - Enter the tracking number of any package you wish to track, and select UPS, Fedex, DHL, or any of dozens of carriers listed in the drop down menu. Also provides links to the websites of all carriers. (Site includes advertisements)

Perpetual Calendar - Need to know if June 15, 2112, will be a Monday? Enter a date, past or future, for the appropriate calendar; displays one month at a time; requires Java plug-in (Dickinson State University). Or use Time and Date which displays one year at a time (site includes advertisements).

Safe & Well List - If you have been affected by a disaster, this website provides a way for you to register yourself as 'safe and well.' If you are concerned about loved ones in a disaster area, you can search the list of those who have registered themselves as 'safe and well.' (American Red Cross)

Switchboard - Another source for looking up people, businesses, etc. Also offers maps and directions, and an area code search. (SuperMedia; site includes advertisements)

SuperPages Global Directories - Links to directories of business and residential listings worldwide. See also Infobel World Telephone Directories, described above. (Sites include advertisements)

Time and Date - Need to know what time it is in Addis Ababa, Bujumbura, Ulaanbaatar or Zagreb? Just type in the name of your city and GO! Also provides dialing codes and related information. World Time Server also gives current time for countries / cities around the world. (Sites include advertisements)

Time of Day - The official time in all U.S. time zones. See Daylight time for a chart showing the start and end dates for Daylight Saving Time through 2015 (U.S. Naval Observatory). For a link to synchronize your computer clock via the Internet, go to NIST Internet Time Servers (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

U.S. Government - See A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies, above.

U.S. Naval Observatory - Gives sun and moon data, moon phases, eclipses, and related astronomical data.

U.S. Postal Service - The Customer's Guide to Mailing explains postal rates and fees, different shipping options, and other services. You can also buy stamps and arrange for shipping with carrier pickup. Includes a chart of current prices and a postage price calculator for domestic and international shipping. The U.S. Postal Service FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) answers common questions about postal services, including some information which may be hard to find elsewhere, such as the list of official post office holidays. Search the FAQ by keyword, i.e., 'holidays'. Enter an address or zip code in the Post Office Locator to search for addresses, phone numbers, hours, and maps for individual post offices (Official site, U.S. Postal Service). Use the Mailbox Locator to find USPS collection stations (blue mailboxes) in any zip-code area (not affiliated with the USPS; site includes advertisements).

U.S. Postal Service Abbreviations - Official USPS abbreviations for states, street suffixes, 'Secondary Unit Designators' (apartment, suite, etc.), and USPS acronyms. (Official site, U.S. Postal Service)

Verizon Telephone Directories - Search Verizon residential and business phone directories (white pages and yellow pages) online. Covers New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and several other states. See also AT&T's (Sites include advertisements)

Vital Records : Replace Your Vital Documents - Information about how to replace lost or stolen documents, including birth/marriage/death certificate, immigration papers, driver's license, passport, tax return, social security/Medicare card, and even damaged money. See also Vital Records : Documents Issued in the U.S.. (U.S. government sites)

Zip code+4 look-up - Do you need a 9-digit ZIP Code(s) for a city? All zip codes in a town or city? All cities in a ZIP Code? Use the menu bar to choose your search. (Official site, U.S. Postal Service)

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