Patrons using self-checkout machineFor the added convenience of our patrons, the South Plainfield Public Library has installed a free-standing self-checkout machine, the Apex XpressCheck™.

Ease of Use for patrons of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Apex XpressCheck's touch-screen monitor, animated full-color graphics, and easy-to-use bar code scanner, ensure speed and convenience when checking out books and magazines (videos, CDs, DVDs, and other audiovisual materials must still be checked out at the circulation desk). Just follow the instructions on the screen.

Language screeen

Multiple language capability. When you select English or Spanish from the on-screen menu, all messages, including audio prompts, will be provided in the language chosen.

Pay fines. With self checkout, you may pay your fines, fees, and other charges with cash. The account information screen will alert you about fines owed, and the maximum charges allowed before you will be prevented from checking out additional materials.

Other features: Apex XpressCheck can read your bar-coded key ring tags without removing them from a key chain. You can use self-checkout even when the library's server or host system is offline or experiencing technical difficulties; the self-service software will store your transaction information at the self-check station until the host is available again.