New Jersey seal Local Information See also:

Agriculture in New Jersey [Link opens a PDF document] - A one-page, printable fact sheet on NJ climate, soil, crops, livestock, and related information. (2014, State of New Jersey)

Assignment: New Jersey - A good basic history of the state, arranged by time periods, plus a timeline, fast facts, maps, symbols, and famous firsts. Middle school and up. (2011, State of New Jersey)

Courier-News - See My Central Jersey, below.

Electronic New Jersey - Materials, lesson plans, and learning activities on various aspects of New Jersey history for middle school, high school, and college students. Topics covered include American Revolution, Civil War, Women's Suffrage, World War II, Paul Robeson, Cold War, Social Protest in the 1960s & 1970s, Mass Culture and Consumerism, and History of Science & Technology. (2003, Rutgers)

Geologic Map of New Jersey [Link opens a PDF document] - A one-page, printable, color map. (1999, State of New Jersey)

Growing Up on a Family Farm in South Plainfield during the Great Depression [Archived page] - An interesting first-person narrative, by Al Prehodka. (Garden State Heirloom Seed Society)

Highland Avenue Woods Environmental Education Reserve and Friends of the Woods - See South Plainfield Environmental Commission, below.

Historical Maps of New Jersey - A variety of 18th century maps (enlargeable) of the state. (2014, Rutgers)

Home News Tribune - See My Central Jersey, below.

My Central Jersey - Combined website for Courier-News and Home News Tribune. Pages may be slow to load and navigate. (Site includes advertisements)

New Jersey Environmental Digital Library (NJEDL) - Online library of environmental literature and multimedia related to New Jersey. Includes documents and reports, scientific studies, photographs, videos, maps, and more. High school and up. (NJDEP / Rutgers)

New Jersey Facts for Students - Quick facts on the state's population, geography, business, and more, for kids aged 8-12. (U.S. Census Bureau)

New Jersey Government - Explains the NJ constitution, how a bill becomes a law in NJ, how the three branches of our state government work, and more. Middle school and up. (State of New Jersey)

New Jersey History: It Happened Here UPDATED LINK! VIDEO - A collection of videos and related educational resources created for NJ's 350th anniversary in 2014. Topics range 'from the innovations of Edison to the historic Revolutionary War victories of General George Washington and the Continental Army to trailblazers such as Paul Robeson and Alice Paul and so much more.' For elementary through high school students. (State of New Jersey).

New Jersey History: Places to Go - Links to dozens of historic sites in the state (Kean University).

New Jersey History: Studies in State and Regional History [Archived page] - Scholarly articles on different aspects of New Jersey's history, aimed at a non-specialized audience and covering a wide range of disciplines (law, literature, political science, anthropology, archaeology, culture, social & political history, etc.), with a particular emphasis on placing history in wider relevant contexts. Includes an abstract and full-text PDF for each article. High school and up (2009 - 2013, New Jersey Historical Commission, Kean University, and New Jersey Historical Society)

New Jersey History Timeline - A timeline of some of the important events in the state's past. Includes a more detailed overview of New Jersey history. (2011, State of New Jersey)

New Jersey Homepage - The official website for the state. Links to government agencies & offices, tourism info, and more.

New Jersey Image & Manuscript Archives - Over 3,000 images from the photograph and manuscript collection of the New Jersey State Archives. Arranged by topics including Portraits of Soldiers, Historic Structures, Sites and Parks, New Jersey Institutions, Transportation and Public Works, Military Activities & Monuments, Military Service Records, Slave Records, and Lindbergh Kidnapping. (2011, New Jersey State Archives)

New Jersey Symbols - Did you know that in addition to a state bird, flower, and tree, NJ also has a state animal, a state bug, a state fish, a state dance, and a state dinosaur? This web page gives the details. (2011, State of New Jersey)

South Plainfield - Official borough website, includes information on the mayor and council, departments and agencies, municipal court, and recreation, links to the Fire Department and Police Department home pages, borough history, Senior Corner, and a directory of local civic organizations, businesses, hospitals, and places of worship. See also South Plainfield Borough Facebook page.

South Plainfield Environmental Commission Facebook page - Updates and news from the South Plainfield Environmental Commission, upcoming events at Highland Woods, as well as other environmental news & events for South Plainfield. You'll find links to more local environment & nature resources on our Useful Websites: Local Information page.

South Plainfield History - Describes the history of South Plainfield from prehistoric times to the 20th century. See also South Plainfield Historical Society [Archived page]. Includes Oral Histories. (Site includes advertisements)

South Plainfield Newspapers - An online archive of the following local papers: The Chronicle (2003 - 2007), The Observer (1997 - 2012), and The Reporter (1990-1994, 2003). Newspapers are in PDF format.

South Plainfield Schools - Information on all the local public schools, the Board of Education, athletics, employment, etc.

Uncommon History AUDIO - Short audio programs on New Jersey history, featuring unusual & little known facts, and tales of people, places and events. (Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission)

Weird New Jersey VIDEO - Just for fun, this site offers photos and descriptions of strange places like the 'Egg-O-Mat,' 'Shirtwood Forest,' 'Demon's Alley,' and 'Cookie Jar House,' as well as weird animals, ghosts, unexplained phenomena, and much more. 'Your travel guide to New Jersey's local legends and best-kept secrets.' (Site includes advertisements)


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