Music Downloads from Freegal

Great news! You may now download up to FIVE free songs every week with one library card number!

Now with STREAMING too!


freegalTired of listening to the same old music? You can download new tunes (or golden oldies) for FREE with our Freegal™ Music Service! Freegal (rhymes with 'legal') gives you free access to millions of songs from over 10,000 labels. Features tens-of-thousands of popular artists in hundreds of musical genres!

NOTE: Sample clips are no longer provided - you can now listen to entire songs or albums by streaming them before you download! Once you are logged in and you click the PLAY arrow on a song or album, a player will appear across the bottom of the page, with song list, navigation (play, pause, forward, etc.), and volume controls. Click here to learn more about streaming.

You may download up to FIVE songs per week per library card; the number of songs you have downloaded for the week will be displayed in the upper right corner of the page. Your downloads are not borrowed - they are yours to KEEP!

Freegal music downloads are all in the MP3 format with no DRM (Digital Rights Management). You can download music directly to your computer from the Freegal website; there is no software to install. Freegal music will work on any MP3 player, including iPod, and can be loaded into iTunes. It works on both PCs and Macs.

Now with videos, too!

GO MOBILE WITH FREEGAL APPS! Freegal Music is also a mobile experience. Download the Freegal Music apps for Android and Apple devices from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Android MarketPlace so you can stream ad-free music, at no charge to you!


Searching by keywords in the search box at the top of the Freegal front page will provide the broadest search results - but if you're having trouble finding a specific song or album by a specific artist, we recommend using the Advanced Search page:

Advanced Search page

When you enter multiple fields (e.g., artist, song, and/or album) and specify 'Match all of the above fields', the Advanced Search page will provide much more exact search results than the keyword search.

On the Freegal website, a link to the Advanced Search page is just above the keyword search box.

Advanced Search page

There is a BIG difference in the number of results you will get, depending on whether you use the keyword search or the advanced search.

For example, type ''George Strait'' in the keyword box.

Freegal keyword search

...and your results will look like this:

Freegal keyword search results

Even if you specify ''Artists'' in the dropdown next to the keyword box...

Freegal artists keyword search will get many apparently irrelevant artists in your results list.

Freegal artists keyword search results

Now, type ''George Strait'' in the Artist box on the advanced search page.

Freegal advanced search

...and your results will look like this:

Freegal advanced search results

As you can see, yYou will get far fewer results with the advanced search, but the results you get will match your search much more exactly than those you get from a keyword search. Which search you want to use will depend on what you're looking for.

HELPFUL HINT: If you're searching for just a song title (i.e., not a song title and artist), try putting your song title in quotes for more accurate results.

Your search results page will include artists, albums, videos, and songs. To view all artists, albums, videos, or songs from your search results in a vertical list, click on 'SEE ALL' to the upper right above the artists, albums, videos, or songs.

Freegal will then display the artists, albums, videos, or songs in a vertical list on a separate page, automatically showing more albums at the bottom as you scroll down the page.

Freegal search results

NOTE: Browsing Artists function has been discontinued. Clicking on Browse A-Z will bring you to the Genres page.

Click here to log in to Freegal, or click 'Login' from the upper right corner of the Freegal website. You will need to enter your library card barcode to log in.

For more HELPFUL HINTS, see Freegal Features: Browsing Genres

Click here for Freegal FAQs.


When you are logged in and you click the PLAY arrow on a song or album, a player will appear across the bottom of the page, with song list, navigation (play, pause, forward, etc.), and volume controls. To stream music on your desktop or laptop, search for songs or albums as usual. From your search results (or wishlist), press the PLAY arrow on a song to hear that song; to hear an entire album in order, move your cursor over the album cover and a 'STREAM NOW' button will come up - just click that button to start listening. To clear the song list and start over, click on the trash can icon in the player.

You can also create playlists for streaming, or click on 'Freegal Playlists' in the left-hand menu to listen to pre-selected songs in different categories, such as Award Winners, Dance / Electronic Hits, Classic Rock, Broadway, Soundtracks, R & B, Kids, Country, and many others.

You may stream up to THREE HOURS PER DAY per library card. The amount of time remaining for streaming will appear in the upper right corner of the page.

To create your own playlist and add songs or albums to it - Method 1:

  1. Click on 'My Playlists' under 'Streaming' on the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on the '+' symbol next to 'Saved Playlists'.
  3. In the box that pops up, name your playlist (ex. 'The Boss') and describe it (ex. 'Springsteen').
  4. In the pop-up, click on 'Create New Playlist' and your playlist is ready to add music.
  5. Click on the 'Home' page and start looking for music to add.
  6. To add an album, move your cursor over an album cover and a + sign will appear. Click on that, and then add the entire album to your chosen playlist option.
  7. To add an individual song, click on the + sign, click on 'Add to Playlist', then click on a playlist (or 'Create New Playlist').

To create your own playlist and add songs or albums to it - Method 2:

To create your own playlist and add songs or albums to it - Method 3:

To play your playlist:


One of the great new additions to Freegal Music is the rich and growing collection of music videos. These videos often have supplemental content that is not in the underlying song, and some of these videos are historical treasures. PLEASE NOTE: