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Advertising & Media Messages: Price of Happiness [Archived page] - A lesson plan to help explore the connection between self-image, self-esteem, and advertising; for teachers and students, grades 8 to 12. You'll find lots of additional materials on issues related to marketing that targets children and youth on the Media Smarts: Media Issues page; some of the information presented is specific to Canada (2012, Media Smarts; Canadian organization). Media Messages About Body Shape and Size outlines how media affects your ideas about your body and attractiveness, and tips for media self care (National Eating Disorders Association). See also What is the impact of advertising on kids? (2020, Common Sense Media). For more about body image, eating disorders, and related topics, see South Plainfield Public Library's HOMEWORK LINKS: Health & Fitness.

Early Bird Savings Club INTERACTIVE - Basic lessons on spending and saving money; for elementary school students. Also explains what a credit union is, and the difference between banks and credit unions (2011, CU Solutions Group, a credit union technology & marketing service organization).

EconEdLink - K-12 economics and personal finance resources, including lesson plans, videos, assessments, activities, and more; many lessons include both a teacher version and a student version (Council for Economic Education [CEE]). Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City also offers educational resources for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School students. See also FINRA Resources for Educators NEW! (FINRA Investor Education Foundation) and Money Smart Financial Education Program NEW! (FDIC).

Federal Reserve System UPDATED LINKS! - A brief look at the Federal Reserve System, its history, purpose & functions, and more; high school and up. The U.S. Mint Kids page VIDEO INTERACTIVE has games, activities, videos, and other resources about coins, the U.S. Mint, and related topics.

Great Minds Think: A New Kid's Guide to Money [Link opens a PDF] - This colorful booklet helps middle-school-aged children learn about concepts such as earning, spending, budgeting, and saving; there is also an interactive version INTERACTIVE. Click here for more online games & activities UPDATED LINK! VIDEO INTERACTIVE (2020, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland). Saving & Investing for Students briefly outlines some key concepts young people should know when beginning on a path to saving and investing (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission).

Media Messages About Body Shape and Size - See Advertising & Media Messages links, above.

Monetary Mania INTERACTIVE - An online game show that tests your knowledge about money and macroeconomics; for high school students. (International Monetary Fund)

Practical Money Skills: Financial Training Games INTERACTIVE - Have fun while learning with multimedia presentations such as Financial Football, Financial Soccer, Money Metropolis, Road Trip to Savings, and others. (Visa®; site includes advertisements)

Taxes: History of the U.S. Income Tax - A brief overview of the origins of income taxes and the Internal Revenue Service, plus links to documents, articles, cartoons and quotes. High school and up (2020, Library of Congress). Understanding Taxes INTERACTIVE explains the whys and hows of taxes (Internal Revenue Service).

U.S. Mint - See U.S. Mint Kids page, above.

What is a Dollar Worth? - Use this inflation calculator to compare how prices for goods & services have changed over the years; covers 1913 - present. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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